Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: abilities

Today as I was making the hour and a half trek back home from my sister-in-law's I stopped along the way to pick up Panera old faithful for dinner. :) Although I do enjoy the epic sing along that occurs in my car on any and every drive I got just a little bit antsy and with it resulted one of my few hidden talents.
Yes my friends I am one of those few, one of the proud who can indeed wear a spoon on the tip of my nose. With the commencing of said spoon wearing I began to think about all of the random special anatomical abilities I possess.
There's the crossing one eye ability.
Bending my middle three fingers at only the most distal (closest to the tips) joints.
And then of course the platisma (tendons of the muscles in your neck) pop out routine.
Not to mention the undocumented gerbil-like throat noise. It gets'em every time.
As I thought about all of the random this and thats I can do with my body (which I like to think are pretty cool). I started thinking about all of the bigger life special abilities I possess. 
Like my extraordinary ability to consume inordinate amounts of coffee.
Or how I cannot just jot down a quick "Thank You" note, I feel the need to make each and every one personal and poetic. 
And along the same lines how I really can write some pretty poetic things sometimes. And how those things can give me chills when I read them back later on.
How I have this uncanny ability of making my voice carry for miles without even trying, really.
How I can form very deep, immediate bonds with people--how I prefer to be a part of the few, not the gaggle or school.
 How I know it in my bones that home is really where the heart of life is. Or how I have the reflexive ability to remember words of song I've heard two or three times; or even words of songs I heard some 15 years ago...
"I'm goin' down to the library, gonna get a book check it in check it out. Gonna say "Hi" to the dictionary, gonna get a book check it in check it out..." Yes. As a matter of fact that was our Kindergarden graduation song. :)
How I'm directionally challenged (while my husband is a living, breathing GPS), how I have a compulsive need to chomp ice, how I am lacking in modesty, reservation, and even sometimes discretion. Sometimes things that are seemingly shortcomings, are really blessings in disguise. And sometimes things you wish were abilities, well sometimes I've just gotta learn the hard way how to grow up and out of said temperamental habits.

What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents and abilities?

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jaims said...

I can wiggle my nose AND flare my nostrils, roll my tongue upside down AND make a tongue taco, I can move each eye independently of the other (which really freaks out my husband), before my wreck, I could touch my elbows to the floor without bending my knees, AND I can SOMETIMES read Lauren's blog without crying ; )