Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Epic Month of April

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

baby sasen

This weekend Jason's parents shared the most lovely of discoveries with us childrens. They somehow unearthed a cassette tape of little Jason (2 years old) singing "Happy Birthday" to himself. Followed by the most adorable rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" a full heart has ever heard. My sweet love had the worst time when he was little with his tonsils so he had THE stuffiest, most pitiful little man voice ever. If it's possible, I fell deeper in love with him as we sat on that couch listening to my husband's joyfully free little spirit. An extra cool part...it was exactly one week after I was born. Hearing my now husband's 2 year old voice made me realize how incredibly intriguing life is. There he was about to move to Trinidad with his little family and I was just six days old. And now here we are, married, and making a life of our own where one day our sweet little ones will sing to themselves and somewhere out there another little one will be taking his/her first breath. And that might just be the little one who one day creates our grandchildren.

The power of a little voice and a song sure is a powerful thing :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some while ago I came upon this realization rather suddenly, albeit seemingly a no brainer, that we have the capacity to love an infinite number of individuals. I have become convinced of this more and more the older I get. I am surprised at how my experience with living love increases the depth of my ability to feel it. I have experienced the unconditional love of my parents. The gripping, obsessive love of a teenage heart. The ebb and flow of predetermined sibling love. The daily choice to love in my marriage. The love that fills your heart when you share a laugh. The soul soaring love we as adults are able to feel for the innocence of a child. The love that's felt churning down deep for whats yet to come. The guttural love that can be kept silent, the kind that makes you sing.
It isn't so much the moments when this love is felt, rather, how a simple memory can bring back that exact feeling when the moment is long gone. When the person is long gone. I am mesmerized, at the moment, by how our soul can so easily recapture those feelings. I am captivated at how love's trust can be broken and how the joy of forgiveness is learned. Immersed in the reality that our love is limitless, that this is the greatest gift we have been given. The He is the perfect example of what we, as imperfect people, are capable of being. We are capable of unconditional love, we will feel unconditional love. We have sinned, we have been broken, we have lost & often found--but we can forgive because we are forgiven; and we can always, always love.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I created two lovely homemade eats:

1) White Chocolate Cranberry Almond Biscotti


2) Curry Chicken

The Curry Chicken is JAM PACKED with delicious, nutritious goodness. If anyone is interested in the recipe I will share. It was partially made up and partially taken from one of the many lovely recipe books we received from our wedding day. I am counting the minutes waiting patiently until the Fish Guy gets home to try one of the biscotti out.

As far as the half marathon training goes...well, it's going. I have never felt so worn out while exercising...I am trying to determine if it is doing it all by myself OR if it is something physically going on (some imbalance of some sort). I think I'll start taking a multivitamin (I know dad, finally!) and see if that helps. I might also try to get some more sleep (SIGH) and maybe....maybe try and work out earlier in the morning. All things I do not enjoy doing but might be necessary. I HAVE enjoyed putting together my at home strength training workouts which were a combo of this awesome blogger and my own errant mind. I think as I progress I will add some of them on to here. I also do believe that as my life picks up (i.e. when I get back into the full swing of school) I will be updating this more and more.
There is so much going on of late (getting in to school, expecting our first necephew from Jason's younger sister, and moving into our first rented house, PLUS the hope of getting involved in our new church) I feel like God is blessing me with this DOWN time because pretty soon there will be um....none.

Wow this was pretty cathartic, maybe there is hope for me and this lil' ole blogger :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Half Marathon Training

It is time!

I do believe to begin training for a half marathon. Which one, you might ask?
I have no idea...yet. :) But I will be using this training method (along with The Fish Guy) to be all that we can be. Not necessarily that either of us are novices at running BUT I do believe it important to start with the basics and rebuild my strength and distance ability gradually. My body has been BURNT out from never stopping and so I am excited to see how this gradual, yet proven effective training regime will do for us!

STAY TUNED! Today is day 3 and thus far, no complaints.