Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i do declare.

Somedays I find myself in a very apathetic state about well, pretty much everything. These are the days I like to spend googling my favorite televisions shows and watching one after the other curled up on the couch. A horribly unproductive position to be in, I know, but also sometimes very much necessary to just unwind the mind. However, that being said it is very, VERY easy for me to get stuck in a routine of sorts and fall into a semi-permanent apathetic state. Which is never a good thing. I feel like it is necessary to remind myself, during times such as this as melodramatic as it may seem, that we are not promised every tomorrow. I know there is no reason to ever beat myself up for taking a day off from exercise or for spending a day away from my school books, BUT I also know that I have to keep myself in a close and careful check so as to insure that I do not settle into that permanently relaxed state. Because extended relaxation turns into apathy and apathy in my case quickly turns into disillusionment.
It is imperative to stay connected to life and the true intent of living. It is imperative to continue to constant ebb and flow of intensity activity and just breathing. This is a declaration to myself to remember this, to remember that I only have this allotted amount of time and so I need to put it to some darn good use!
Always take a step back, do a daily evaluation of myself, my attitude, and my intention for the day. And lastly, get to the darn thing and don't stop until it's done! Because realistically, we all feel so much better when our plate is sparkling clean then when it is filled to the brim.

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