Wednesday, October 29, 2008


as most of us do i'm sure, I wish that things could just be easy. That everyone would always agree with me & even be excited for what I have (or have not) yet planned. Now thankfully this is not the case because the differing of opinions keeps me thinking, keeps me humble, keeps me on my toes to figure out WHY exactly I might feel the way I do. But still, there are those times when you just wish that those whose opinion mattered the most to you in the world, that they would just see you for who you are without having to explain it.
Explanation is a tiring thing, and hard to do when your staring those who mean the most to you in the face, but that's where Faith comes in. That Something More intervening when you no longer know what to say, do, or be anymore. Just the knowing that He is, makes it all :)

Mountains this weekend, cannot wait for the time away with my future family!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

This love outlasted the jitters and butterflies that accompany newfound romance. It was not dependent on external beauty; it did not rise and fall with the ebb and flow of life.
- Steven Furtick

Sunday, October 19, 2008

this awakening

and there's things that you have seen, that you'll never really know
and these people that we've met, well they'll come and they'll go
and the love you've seen in movies is much less than you could know
within each of us, there's a heart begging to grow
throbbing beats of daily living, itching towards a quickened pace
we're all aching for the giving of more than just what is.

don't be deceived by their superheroes, by the morbid morality of our time
search yourselves, see the light, in each of us--we'll awake tonight.

and there's something to be said for choosing not to speak
for the giving up of what you thought you knew, for what you can become
the trusting of the self they see, when you see nothing left to love
and there's the tumbling of fingers, familiar as the pianist against his keys
when every beat of a heart felt is worthy of reflection--
a time when a cup of coffee and two souls made it all worth living for.

don't be deceived by their superheroes, by the morbid morality of our time
search yourselves, see the light, in each of us--we'll awake tonight.

and it's hard to live when you're not perfect
even harder still to see,
that we choose to hurt, to burn, to greed and want
while with the ignorance of humanity, chastise those who fight to bleed.
the world sure is a sickening place, if you live for it alone
should love strike us homeless, compelled rather to give of all we own
we'll thank God for his grace to see, how little we're alone.

don't be deceived by their superheroes, by the morbid morality of our time
search yourselves, see the light, in each of us--we'll awake tonight.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

T-minus 364 days and counting...

This week has been quite hectic and with that said was somewhat nice to have a day like today. Although I am frustrated by several things in life right now it is always nice to have God give you those moments, phrases, reminders that everything will work out accordingly so long as he is in control. I know I have things to work on in the next year, for example studying more intently his Word and developing a much more fervent prayer life. But I feel with Jason as my companion that I cannot really go wrong. He is my encourager and constant reminder that everything is not WRONG with the world, which tends to be my mind set when I let my shortcomings get the best of me. Today we finished our second marriage book, "Countdown for Couples" and we most definitely enjoyed this one more than the first. At the end of every chapter it gives you discussion questions on the topic, some are rather involved and some are "just for fun". It was a great book that challenged us to talk about several issues we had either not thought about or had seemingly been avoiding. At the end of the last chapter there was a verse I found particularly provoking:
Philippians 4:8
"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."
Jason always repeats some semblance of this verse to me whenever i get on one of my "doldrums, humbug" kicks. It's beyond explaining how much difference it makes just for someone to know that you are maybe not feeling in the most positive of spirits and to remind you (through God's words nonetheless) that you must stay focused on the which is true, noble, right, lovely and excellent!!! Too often I get caught up in all thats wrong and forget what is right!!!

So earlier this evening I was on front campus working on a project with a friend of mine when I noticed these nicely dressed individuals walking from downtown towards campus. I then noticed one of them was most definitely was wearing a wedding dress!! They meandered up into campus and proceeded to have several of their wedding party photographs taken. It was surreal, exactly one year from now that will be me, at Berry (hopefully a few at Winshape :):):)) getting married to the one who God's given me to spend the rest of my life with.
Just wow. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So apparently...

For all of my life I have been pronouncing cacophony wrong, and not just a little incorrectly either pretty much utterly and completely wrong in every way.

I do not enjoy when this happens, not at all. Why was I not informed of this at an early date? It is hard to change something like that when it sounds so right to you.
Sigh, how unfair the English language is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our first "REAL" trip to the Bergens

Jason and I just got back from our first REAL roadtrip to visit Maggie and Charlie at their home in North Carolina!! I am updating this because it was a wonderful weekend with amazing weather and stunning scenery and, although I took many pictures from today, I do not want to forget the wonderful memories that were made. Jason and I left earlyish Saturday morning, after Starbucks and Chik-fil-a (the guilt-ridden essentials), and arrived (after taking the SCENIC route past the Cherokee Casino and through Maggie Valley) at the Bergens a little after 12:30. We were greated with eager, open arms for a day filled with activity!!! Maggie, being the most amazing hostest that she is, presented Jason and I with a wonderful candle that looked just like wood to remind us of our first trip to the mountains!!! We drove to downtown Waynesville to eat at Nick & Nate's and ran smack dab into the middle of a festival! We ate and spent the entire afternoon browsing all the little shops downtown. The boys smoked their cigars while we shopped and drank coffee. :)
We returned to their home to unwind and spent the rest of the evening watching FRIENDS (which made me laugh uncontrollably, forgot how wonderful that show is!!!), eating dinner (and Maggie's fantastic, HOMEMADE apple cobbler), and playing Texas Hold' em! We all settled in to watch a movie and/or get some much needed sleep!!
Today, we woke up and ate breakfast and then headed off to go "church hunting"!!! We ended up at "Vine of the Mountain" a community church just outside where we had spent our time the day before. It was quite an experience, it actually reminded me alot of my church at home in Rome. Having attended 12Stone pretty regularly for the past year now it was nice to hear familiar hymnals being sung with the contemporary twist of a guitarist leading worship. They had plenty of praise and worship and a guest speaker with several good points! All in all a unique and lovely experience! Afterwards we headed back downtown to eat lunch and finally ended up at this little Patio diner place we'd seen the day before on our endevour. After lunch we debated on what to do and ended up visiting a very quant antique shop (something they have a lot of there which i LOVED!!!) and then headed into Maggie Valley (I think...) to visit the shops there. After some browsing we drove around until, I think, Charlie spotted the mini-golf place and we all agreed that was the best idea!!! Apparently some of my golf skills from my lessons as a child stuck around, Charlie and I ended up tying :) much to the dismay of Jason and Maggie ;)
The mini golf range ends up in an arcade area where we used several of our quarters left from poker the night before to test grip strengths and play JACKPOT!! Now, here's where things really got interesting, I'm not sure if any of you have ever played or even know what that game is but growing was always my secret obsession. Sure, you play ski ball and air hockey and free throw but when it really gets down to it...I would spend half of my coins trying to get that roaming light to land square on the JACKPOT! All of us decided to divey up the quarters and play just that. Charlie went first, then Maggie, then Jason and finally...I did.
The first two quarters I got round abouts the Jackpot, 8 and then 10, on the third though..I decided to count how much time it was in between each time it hit the Jackpot and try it that way....needless to say, third times the charm. IT WORKED!!! I stood there stunned. I had just fullfilled my childhood dream and all we could do was just stare. We laughed and cheered as the tickets rolled out of the machine. Seriously though, those things never happen to me. We were such little kids as we gathered up our earning and headed to the counter. We ended up with the water ballon sling shot, 4 sets of vampire teeth (the only thing Jason wanted), 4 tattoos, 4 parachute men, and a slinky for maggie. Afterwards we celebrated with milkshakes from the Dairy Bar and a series of viscious vampire toothed pictures!!
We sadly left a little after six and spent the entire ride home enjoying the view and discussing the rest of our life together!!!!
The Bergens are such an amazing couple to be around and I am so thankful for their LIFE, energy, enthusiasm and family that they are!! Thank you for sharing your city & lives with us!!