Monday, February 18, 2008


there is something to be said,
for the way that the mind tosses about these thoughts
and how they seem to mix with the sounds, the words, the music that escapes
how we've each chosen to believe, been chosen to receive
receive love?
give love?
grace delicately placed, in a saucer on a rainy day
a sip of warmth from a coffee cup, tinged with the hope of indulgence
as it slides down the throat, once clinched with indecision, discerned
straining hearts of those in an attempt to impress
the general public, people pleasers pleasure never felt so
good as a sip of coffee on a cold spring day.
when you expect nothing more than what it is you receive.
expect the unexpected. which is?
could you ride the wave of love if it took you, swept you
suddenly up one day. could you trust the clear, screaming, sudsy water
by faith alone we stand.

Faith alone, as if that were a bad thing.
alone we are, truly, without-- It.
The belief in something more than the water that runs between
fingers flexing because we tell them so, We
hold the power? To blot out the sun with a mere breath in its direction.
Silly to believe you are It. You, individual, are all in all...
I am nothing without something more, something original
something unseen, because that which is seen is never
enough. Never suffice
to pray, to cry on knees
that bleed, twisted, turned in opposite directions;
to find Faith
to patch the bloody wound and Know;
and Live free of Knowledge consumed, against our better judgementless selves
by Faith we survive
by Faith unseen we thrive
by Faith we are forgiven, for that which I've never, forever felt guilt
For the guiltless devolve to spiritless then heartless eternal faithlessness.

I pray, all the days, for the Faith to walk on water without ever opening my eyes.