Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Tha Bears.

Your gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess
Your gonna take all of my empty and my loneliness
Gonna take all of that sadness inside of me
Gonna take it all and set me free.
- Amos Lee

I love Amos Lee and the days when music just makes my toes tap and when i'm in my car it makes me tap the part of the car right outside of my open window and I don't even care that people are tailing me so close because i'm driving 5 miles under the speed limit. All because I'm groovin' to Big Head Todd & the Monsters "Boom Boom." I'll do what I want because it's my last two days of summer and because I am about to move into my yearlong permanent Milledgeville, and i've got mixed feelings about that.
I've got mixed feelings about everything these days, except myself and my singledom...I just plain love that. :)

I wish humans hibernated like bears...think of how much more refreshed and rejuvenated the entire world would be...aside from the fact that prior to all this sleeping we would all get to gorge ourselves on lots of food. Now that's whose got it made...tha bears.