Sunday, September 26, 2010

just dance.

Today, after being completely mesmerized by one too many episodes of "Dancing with the Stars", I choreographed an impromptu ballet/hip-hop dance put on for a completely captivated audience of 2, The Fish Guy and the dog....Oh dreams of grandeur never realized...

I can remember how agonizing it was to try and get me to go to ballet class, especially when it required tights or wearing anything pink, I was not the most compliant little girl by any means. I do, however, remember having a love for jazz and those sassy black shoes that came with. I remember the excitement of costume day that seemed to make the many torturous hours standing in line at the bar worthwhile. I spent the better part of ages 3 to 10 at the Dance Centre, tapping my little heart and whining the whole way through. I choose soccer over dance the split second I was given a chance and never looked back, until now that is.
I watch longingly as those incredibly spirited individuals spill their souls, contorting and twisting their bodies in ways that leave even the viewer breathless. A grace and power no athlete could ever hope to achieve. The ultimate compliment to any good song, to be able to move and sway your body that everyone around you just gets it. Telling the whole story without a word...
To be young again. To be able to do it over, appreciate what once I came to abhor. These are things your parents warn you about, don't give up now, you'll regret it, live for each moment because time surely flies by...and it's reminders like this that remind me that I still have time to dance. That I can still take these feelings bubbling up inside and trip my way across my very own dance floor.

Whether it be the carpet in my living room, the podium at graduation, my best friend's wedding reception, or in a room filled with children arms flailing, laughter filling....suddenly I find it hard to remember what it was I regretted about living this life.

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