Thursday, September 9, 2010

our wedding day: part 2

 Jason and I choose to get married in the chapel on the campus where we first met. The campus where I spent many a day running for cross country, where I spent every summer working at camp, and where we first met, became quick friends, and even more quickly fell in love. It's a very simple, traditional chapel decorated mostly by the light that filled it in the early afternoon on our wedding day. It was a pretty perfect day.

 Jason's mom has this way of bringing out the absolute best in every single human being she encounters. She has taught me what it means to speak truth and light into every situation, guard your heart while at the same time encouraging with all of your might the one you love, and exemplifies to me the epitome of what it means to be a truly joyfully hospitable person.
 PS. I lucked out with this handsome man huh?
 He is my constant stronghold. Filling my heart with love, my mind with truth, and my spirit with constant words of affirmation and humor. Constantly challenging me to grow and inspiring me to mature as a woman and a faith-filled future mother.
He always keeps me real. With myself, with the current situation, with my perspective on life. He keeps me from going down the road of negativity and depression that I tend to like to stroll down. And he amplifies all the good in life that most have forgotten. He is my reminder of how good life could, and should be. How good it is. He also hates to wake up early (which I love), hates to draw attention to himself (which I thrive off of), hates to hold people up in line and love to do whatever he can for any and every human being he comes into contact with (i'm a little more selfish and I have a hard time sharing). He is quiet, I am brash (at times) and loud. He is respectful of personal space, I am a constantly chaotic tornado...
He is my quiet place and my constant possibility. :)

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