Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have just recently embraced the beauty of a rather large punch of color included in an otherwise monochromatic world. I am a solids kind of gal, gravitating towards anything, ANYTHING, singularly toned. My wardrobe is chalk full of blues, reds, greys, and blacks -- each of which locates itself separately on this or that top, blouse, skirt, or pant. I am a simple soul venturing out, fashion or otherwise, only when provoked or provided by an outside source. Such as, my sister. My wedding day has proven to be much of the same. Lots of deep blues, champagnes, chocolate browns, and ivories adorn much of my plans.

However, as of late I have been rather drawn to color. To each and every single beautiful, bright color that God ever created. I have taken this recent kind-hearted adoration and determined to apply it to my wedding. While on the topic, it is pretty crazy how much more real and excited I am for the "big day" now that all the little details have begun to be planned. The flowers, the music, & the cakes are making it all that much more real. My first shower :), an engagement annoucement soon to be written, my daddy actually talking about it on a regular basis. 100 days until my entire self is given to be shared with someone else.

Wow. :)

Here is an idea to leave you with somewhat of what the bridesmaid's bouquets will look like. Pretty cool huh? 8)