Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starting Today.

I will begin a "song that fits the day" post. Everyday. Call this the beginning of my 101 in 1001 (which I have yet to finalize and post...I'm working on it, had to do some MAJOR reworkings which I found out I got into la escuela). Sunday afternoons are a very easy free kind of feeling/day for me, they should be for any and everyone. I have recently stumbled/discovered/researched my way to several new bands that I am loving listening to. I will share this song that is playing on my "Recently Added" iTunes list, it's got that easy free feel I was talking about. You can listen while reading the rest of the post if you'd like. :)

1) I decided to dye my hair a lovely shade of red inspired by the lead singer of "A Fine Frenzy"'s do and her fancy free attitude.

And here is how mine turned out:

Considering my hair was as dark as the night is long, I'd say that this is a pretty good start. I've had a pretty hairy (pun intended) track record when it comes to hair dye. I wish I knew where the pictures of pink, blue, and black days were...alas all I can show you is what happened the last time I tried to dye my hair red (without consulting a professional).

Oh the joys of undergraduate rebellion. Although I am thankful I chose the hair dying route and not other, more permanent means of pent up, small town fervor (tattoos anyone?). I have a great story, great memories, and great friends to go along with each of my hair-dying adventures. Here is a series of photos that sum up each one, and to serve as a reminder to myself later on in life of those who have been and were so supportive as I came to them pleading for fashion help! :)

My dear friend Hannah & I (pictured above going crazy with silly string). We were the masterminds behind the pink & blue hair movement, much to the parental's chagrin.

The night the trio of best friends decided to throw a rather large party (for Rome, GA...) and dye all three of our heads. We were young, ridiculous, and completely in love with each other (we were also lovingly nicknamed "The Triumverant" that evening). One of our last evening ever together until my wedding day. (4 years later)

There were a few other friends who were there along the lineage of my epic color-changing adventures...
Miss. Katastic
& those who allowed me to use there homes to attempt my first (and ONLY) solo dying mission...
dear Ruel-iO. :)

I have to say I was truly blessed with plenty of "wild" & "crazy" friends to indulge and even, sometimes participate in my shenanigans.

This turned out to be a much more epic post than I originally intended but good nonetheless to remember some of the antics & good laughs that were had. Oh life, never ceases to surprise and remind you of how much and more you have to live.


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