Monday, May 3, 2010

Sewing, Strawberries, & Boo-Boo

The Fish Guy works on Sunday through Wednesday late into the night which makes for an interesting (extended!) weekend nowadays until I start school in a few weeks. Therefore, we have Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays together to do his fish tanks, run together, and basically just get into whatever shenanigans we can. Sometimes, well the husband sure can be pretty thoughtful, and he will surrrprise me with the most random wonderfulness ever. He sure does know the way to my heart (and that would be food, sweet smells, & penguins). Here he is upon entering with my special gift.

Yes ma'am these are a bucket full o' fresh picked strawberries. Mammoth in size not to mention the most juiciest fruits you ever did place in your mouth.

It was the most serendipitous of experiences (some random man walked up to he and his friend at the gas station with a business card and the strawberries), although sketchy it was sweet that TFG had a "good feeling" and purchased them because never have I ever placed such a delicious piece of fruit in mi boca.

This past weekend my mini-me oldest niece had her first dance recital!

The whole experience made me nostalgic for my own ballet days. Down to the anticipation of receiving your costumes, wearing make up at the age of 7, and receiving one more extra flower every year we stuck to dance.
(Oh yes, that ridiculously clad one is definitely me)
Made it all worth it, atleast until I could no longer tolerate the monotonous 1st position, 2nd position, plie, grande plie any longer. And then there was modern dance...(cue intense Enya, and water palate unitard). Thank God my mom and dad were so dedicated to the video taping cause. :)
After being inspired again and again by this blog I decided it was time enough for me to try my hand at sewing. True domestication at its finest! I called TFG's mom on a whim and asked if she might want to let me borrow her sewing machine. This weekend, she delivered, and on a lazy Sunday afternoon I unpacked all the goodies and quickly patiently read each and every word.

I proceeded to successfully thread the needle on my fiftyith first try :)

Turned to the first page of beginner's sewing

And began my first attempt at sewing a straight line. (on a torn up piece of one of TFG's ancient of days undershirts)
Hm....the verdicts still out. I haven't lost my fervor/dream yet of making uniquely adorable clothes for my little ones one day. But only time will tell how long this flame will burn after the 100000000 curvy, straight line attempt.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of TFG's idea of a compromise. He prepared me well in advance for the reality that the Boo-Boo (blanket) I have slept with religiously since I was 2 would be no more. :(

(Make that 1 and a half)
I even thought of giving it to him as a wedding gift, the ultimate symbol of my relinquishing my childish ways (for the MOST part) and giving that which I held most dear to him.

He ended up getting a lovely chess table instead. ;) The sentiment was still there. (I asked to many people their opinion....learned that the hard way) Anywho, I walked into our room the other night to find TFG caressing my Boo-Boo, taunting me really. (Ever since we've been married he's lived in the top of our closet) Seeing my security blanket left me whimpering like a small child. So instead of giving it to me (regardless of MUCH begging and pleading) I moped out of the room and returned to find this.

TFG's bear Fred wrapped in Boo-Boo. Okay, okay I cave I guess I'll snuggle TFG instead. For today :)

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