Sunday, May 30, 2010

road trips and mountaintimes

"Comme des enfants" - Coeur de pirate

We spent the weekend atop the mountainside of Waynesville, NC and it was just lovely. Jason and I always have the best times road tripping with one another. He drives while I alternate between singing at the top of my lungs, rambling about absolutely nothing, doing crosswords, or rubbing his neck (when he absolutely can no longer hold his eyes open). The hours usually pass by quickly and he gives me as many snack potty breaks as I need! He is the most patient man in the entire world I swear. Also, Jason's sister is pretty much the most adorable pregnant person I've ever seen or known (random aside)
We got to spend time in their new house, complete with cows right outside every window in the morning to greet you & mountain ranges and valleys far beyond the horizon.

Absolutely glorious. I ate way too much food (including sharing in this ultra-massive apple pastry), discovered a newfound love for eggplant, helped Maggie stake her garden (and dream about a garden of my own one day), play MAD LIBS, eat dinner inside the movie theater, Family Matters, home grown basil, and the consumption of more than enough red wine. I love their little town, how it reminds me home and my grandmother's house all at once. I also appreciate that someone is so attentive to all my caffeine needs. :) The song for today is one that Jason and I listened to both on the way there and on the way back home today. I love when I can predict what he is going to say before he even says it, particularly when it comes to music. I get so excited when a song I've just passionately fallen in love with discovered creeps its way into my life in that picture perfect moment in time when you get to share it with someone else. I like to call it a happy accident. When a song inserts itself into the soundtrack of your life and you just want to put it on repeat and breathe. When silence is welcomed and you look around and realize these lyrics were meant for this very moment.

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Maggie said...

We so loved having you here! It was such fun to hang out with you guys for a couple days! Love you two!