Monday, May 17, 2010

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad
(Please ignore the cheese level of this video)
This song will forever and always remind me of my mom and dad and of the times leading up to my wedding day. Through the good, the bad, the copious laughter, joy, anger, and tears at times...we definitely each grew in our own, very necessary ways. We are such a close family and it was integral that we each dealt with my marriage the way we did. My mom was such an incredible helper/planner while my dad was what every little girl needs extremely protective and aware of every possible pitfall. I needed to stand on my own, I needed to know that what and who the Lord had put into my life at such as specific time as this was right for me. Not because my parent's said so and not because it was perfectly timed, but because it was in His plan. And He sure has fulfilled a great one not only in my marriage but in the individual lives of my parents as well. They have both grown to embrace and realize the fleeting joy of life. That these joys must be captured and lived out daily, no more sitting behind a desk, in an office alone. There is true understanding, compassion, and deep love in my family now that I have never known how to express or never felt to this true degree before. I am so blessed.

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Crystal Mary said...

Love is just a knowing.
Knowing you are who you are and accepted without conditions...
God loves with agape, a true giving and unselfish love.
God bless you heaps. From Australia