Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dress

Firstly, I would like to share these photos for sentiment's sake. These are from probably, exactly one year ago this month when I received my wedding dress. When I picked it out in the first place it was a cumulative effort between my mom, sister, and I. Seeing as how I am fashionably illiterate I look to those two to help decide sway what I should/should not wear. The dress I choose was actually one my mom practically forced me to try on. I despised the beads, the poofiness factor, and the material but once I put it on and they assured me they could modify that which I despised (beads/material). It was an easy peasey, quick and painless done deal. The really cool thing about the whole process was that Jason's sisters and I all got our dresses from the same store in town (and I just went to find their website online and apparently they recently changed the so it goes). I'm not going to lie, this fact definitely determined swayed my decision to get my dress from them. I am a sucker for tradition and sweet little ironies like so. While I was admiring my soon-to-be purchased dress in the mirror who happens to walk by the store front window but my future brother-in-law...and The Fish Guy had almost come with him! (he was on the way to the Sprint store) Anyways it was a slightly awkward, slightly reassuring occurrence. He gave his familial stamp of approval and TFG's sister proceeded to fume later about how he had seen it before her...
All of this to say when my newly satin, beadless dress finally came in I wanted those women & man closest to me (my mom, The Fish Guy's mom, his & my sister, & my daddy) there to experience it. These couple of pictures pretty much sums up the experience and goofy, giddiness of my family. We are not much for emotional tears, just lots of laughter.

Can you guess which one is my mom? (hint: we're practically twins, 23 years separated)

TFG's mom & sister (she gave birth to the cutie in yesterday's blog about a month after this photo)

I did not intent for this post to turn into a lengthy remembrance of a series of incredibly painless joyful experiences but I am thankful it did. Tomorrow, strawberries and sewing machines!


I decided to include a FINAL PRODUCT picture on this blog entry. Given the degree of "hot messedness" I looked like when we went to pick up my dress that day. This is my daddy and I right before entering the chapel to get marrried. :)

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