Thursday, April 16, 2009

when you dream....

I love to dream. I love to wake up from dreams and lay in my bed trying to recall as many details as I can. I find it oddly intoxicating how I have recurring dreams with the same setting...always a place i've never been and yet a conglomerate of several places vaguely familiar to me. It is downtown Rome made up of building with ceiling I can stand on my tip toes and touch (kind of like going back to elementary school...). The buildings are always seperated by plenty of space, somewhat aged and sort of falling to pieces but not (it's a dream after all)...and there's green grass and tree dispersed about and many of the building have no walls atleast not when I finally reach them. And there are hills too. And I'm always running...Go figure.

I love my dreams...I know that when I eat ice cream and often when I drink coffee late at night...I know I will not be disappointing with that nights sleep. However, it is exhausting...and sometimes they start out fine enough and then twist into something you cannot really escape. When you wake up to your heart pounding and have to lie there for a moment just to remember where you are. Those are the ones I never ever enjoy having. The dreams of death or deceit...deception or a life I'm living completely opposite from my own...the what might have been. It will scare the humanity right out of you.

I'm not really sure what took me off on this tangent on dreams other than that I had several different ones last night (something of a mix of what had gone on from the day). I think it might be a good idea to wake up and immediately write down all I can before they are forgotten...not necessarily because there might be some sort of cryptic message within them but rather because it might be fun to read 3-4 years from now when I have forgotten and then discover that I had this blog...Which I have done recently with SEVERAL attempts I made at blogging my life (I think I've got at least 7 different ones I began)...Those are the best to find. It most definitely is the modern day diary.

:) I bought the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan this far so wonderful. Now if I could just get myself off of Here and into the book I might have more to share. Also, clearly I changed the design of my blog...I enjoy this one much more because the colors change to match whatever photo you post...of course that means (apparently) you can only post one photo per update....Not sure how I feel about that but we shall see!


Just thought I'd mention that. :D

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