Thursday, April 30, 2009

a poem and a prayer

I have been hateful, I've hated in a world filled with loath--I've spit filled with spite at those that disgust. When really its me whose disgusting that's all. And the pitiful pride that lured me deep down inside is a ruthless deterrent my ignorance ignores. Yet somehow I'd imagined that each of your faces could heal me or fill me as I tried to endure. There's an evil in each of us if you choose to dig deep enough--instead I will pray to find the good in us all. Speak words unspoken fresh quivering lips spill death and resurrection of love and free willing--hope. and. then. Still seeking redemption I return open palmed and empty--You. You. YOU filling, feeling. You fill me. Dear Lord...

Where to begin, again. You lead me, Love.

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