Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a break & discovery

Given the extent of stress I have been under this week, having taken my certification exam this past yesterday and STILL waiting to hear from GA State...This past weekend was a very much needed, refreshing, dream world of Love. What can I say about "Prepared to Last" other than it was a series of fantastic talks with AMAZING, no seriously AMAZING people. Our group was filled with this kinetic energy that everyone said had never been experienced before. Jeff and Debbie far and away exceeded my expectations--they were HILARIOUS, brutally and beautifully honest, and just FILLED with so much truth. I truly grasped the concept that if I spent my life (God willing) worry soley about Jason's needs (and he mine) we would never have to worry about our SELF again. This weekend I met some truly amazing couples (Team Ariel!!) and opened up and entirely new place in my heart for my love to enter in. It was a weekend filled with prayer, communication, plenty of Laughter, and more and more grace and reassurance from God that Jason and I are on the right path. :)

relying on one another to dominate the ropes course (this was jason's favorite)

practicing before our second try

complete Dickson/Shank domination :)

He loves me :)

We won. (of course) We had to write our dream vacation, mine was "Greece, where it's all white and blue and H2O" and Jason's was "Diving in Australia" :)

Team Ariel. All of Us.

Team Ariel pushing the Chik Fil A van out of the mud (all Jason's idea)

Belaying Us

Us from above (Self portrait #12930834234)

Amanda and John dominating the high ropes!!!

After we rushed back from our run and got ready in mere moments...our lovely selves at our dinner date.

Jason and I both agree that this was by far the most amazing weekend we have had together, honestly ever. We spent so much time on each other and with God and amongst a group of fantastic couples and INCREDIBLE staff. Winshape has really been one of if not the most incredible blessing in my life. I continue to be amazed by all that God has given and continue to reveal to us. :) :) :)

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