Monday, April 6, 2009


I know I have not updated in awhile (not that anyone reads this aside from Maggie but we will just pretend like millions of people are patiently anticipating my next update) BUT I have been extremely busy with finishing up my FINAL YEAR of my UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE! One more month entirely of Milledgeville, however, let me not stray to far from the point of this entry. I will write more once this week has come to its completion. Jason and I just got back from Prepared to Last at much, SO MUCH to say about that :).

But for now. I would very much appreciate PRAYER for the certification exam I am taking TOMORROW and patience as I continue to wait to find out about my fate in so far as GA State is concerned.....Thank you!

Here is a picture (of many) to leave you with from our amazing weekend. (I photoshopped jason's lipoma scar right on out of there :)).


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