Tuesday, March 13, 2007

cause I know you by heart

i wasn't ready for this, caught up in the things
the moments and people who've never mattered
but you, you changed everything about me and i didn't even have the self to look you in the eye as you said goodbye.
your love, you are something i could hold all day long and never ever tire of
i'll wear it infinity, infinitely you're inside
my heart, my eyes, the way i talk, react, write, think, speak
even my voice is yours
i wasn't ready for this, i'm a coward kindly waiting
to deserve, what you've been given
my heart is yours i want you to know--whoever, wherever, with-ever you might be
my songbird, hurricane, my stolen car
on a street where you and i will forever be kept, in the rain, holding hands
touching, i wanted so badly to taste your lips
your smell lays on my skin, like it's always been
tonight were you might be laying your head
i wasn't ready for this.

"I Know You By Heart" - Eva Cassidy