Saturday, March 10, 2007

Warmth en doors

when your foot hit the groundand the water surround
cascade, it fell in upswept hurricanes around
our heads, hips, bare legs, and feet
we ran down that canopied concrete, we ran
hats soaked to a matted head
2 in the front, 3 in the back
driving, speeding, evening traffic
Stone Mountain men, drizzling, laser lights projected
laughter carried frisbees and fat, lazy summertime Georgians
out on a day like today, that day
the sky fell to spite them

The day we met, we split
dinner, flash photography
never have we been so happily unknown

you taught me to inhale when i took a bite
Talk Tonight Mona Lisas
and Madhatters in a Spanish city, tunneling
little silver discs don't stop believin'
I'd forgotten how good your smell felt on my tongue
standing in the driveway, 2 AM, you're alive with music
those hands light skin on the space right above the small of my back
I'd forgotten how it felt when you held me
ten times in a row
I had to leave before I remembered,
what it felt like to kiss you.

I'd forgotten how much I missed you.

"Tupelo Honey" - Van Morrison

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