Sunday, March 4, 2007

decorum and fragment

i'm up and over
spilling down the sides
of a cup, ridges, solo

marching in a solid, straight line
facing forward, sturdy
stern--ridgid watching
it, pour out of you
you're solo, on a stage
but you belong, the warmth
you'll never question who you are; you've taken over.

i cry, on the street
crouched on the corner, brick wall, by the bookstore
i left the place you'd once comforted me
i slip my hands underneath, take you into me
you're gone, one last time, i don't wait
no hugs
no last dance, kiss where jaw meets cheek
you'll leave no music to color my memory
you'll leave no footprints, because you chose this fame
my bed stays empty, lopsided where a brand new pillow lays
you'll leave--the one i knew--you did
months before
you were gone
i'd never been asked to stay the night

and i'm still here, i'm still the same person,
i'm still running, i'm still laughing
i am still the same voice
i am
i rest a moment, i study

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