Friday, March 9, 2007

the airport, if necessary

to lose
and the emptying is such a release
release, you've been gone for so long now
i can scarcely remember
the way the slit of your eyes tilt towards,
the way the sun hints at mine
and i've seen them before but the old and the young pretend not to know
midday, one another
how easily we are strangers in Midtown City, eyes catch
we see one another and there, is, no, response
to a heart that once shed itself bare when sickening thoughts filled
a mind, a mouth of consecration, tie me
to a heart that binds, binding words flowing
through an early, early morning line
you bide your time until
you'll forget and hold her hand and you'll
forgotten, two years prior, the one, that, was there
despite whatever pitfalls you might've seen,
she flew 532 miles, it falls
she's sitting
1 dozen roses, ocean blue she's waiting
and you
never get it,
you never come.

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