Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: firsts

Yesterday my sister-in-law (Annie) and I threw my other sister-in-law (Maggie) her very first shower for her very first little one. This will be my very first nephew and it was also the very first shower I have ever helped throw. It was also the first time I've seen Maggie since she has begun to "look" pregnant. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas whenever I think about my nephew being born. It's that childlike excitement I was kind of worried you grew out of as you got older. The kind that fills up your whole stomach and you can't help but chatter and sing really loud just thinking about them. I've just realized that God saves that feeling for us as adults for those really big, life changing, joy-filled moments so that we don't take them for granted. He's pretty smart like that.

Annie and I decided to use baby books to decorate with. Considering that my future children are pretty much my number one favorite thing to daydream about I knew exactly which books I wanted to get for my little nephew, the same ones I loved growing up and the same ones I imagine reading to our kids one day. :) I was only able to find two of them yesterday, but it's already got my mind turning about a few used book store visits in my near future. (When did and why are children's books so goshdarned expensive now??? $8??)
"Goodnight Moon" and "The Poky Little Puppy"
I also made the cupcakes. :) She is decorating his room in a nautical theme so I had fun decorating with sailboats and greens and blues.

And of course no baby shower (or blog entry) would be complete without my two favorite little ones making an appearance.
Sportin' Aunt Gie Gie's boots

And then Isabella took some time to take a few artistic photos of her own. I gave each one it's own title for posterity's sake (whatever that means). :)
"Emerging Aunt Lauren" - Isabella, age 4
"Dino at my Feet" - Isabella, age 4
"Princess Shoes (Ariel view)" - Isabella, age 4
It's hard to explained just how blessed we are as a family. Or just how adorable my sister-in-law is pregnant with her cowboy boots on. :)
I am so thankful for all of the little ones and the little ways God continues to whisper his intent for me in life (as a mother). I also know that as much as I would like to expedite the process, he is also making it glaringly clear that we've both still got a little growing up to do (oh you know and a little schooling to finish).

Jason's parents came to spend the night with us last night and his mom and I spent some time talking about everything, including my parenting dreams. I talked to her about my dreams of adopting, of overseas adoption and special needs adoption and I can't help but be continually thankful for how simple the seed that was planted by a little blog called Ni Hao Ya'll has grown in my heart to be an assuredly hopeful truth in our future. Again, funny how God works in the most mysteriously simple ways. I also accidentally spilled the beans about one of our baby names...yes sometimes I get a little carried away with the excitement of possibility. But it was one of those serendipitous moments that could not be ignored, and the look on her face and truthful assurance in her voice as she spoke of the testimony in the name made me even more sure than ever of God's working in our hearts...


swimrunom said...

First of all, your new profile picture is so cute! I love it!

Secondly, I think it's so, so wonderful how passionate you are about adoption. I can't wait to follow that journey! Even though I know you said you've got a while before parenthood. ;-)

Sara said...

What a delightful time. I love the cupcake idea with the baby books as decorations.

Delighted to meet you! Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to get drenched in some serious goodness.


Nancy said...

stumbled on your blog from a comment on mine... and so glad I did. I used to write to my littles many years before they came, some bio, some adopted, several special needs. It was so silly, but now I'm so glad I did write to them then. I still write to them, through the blog and love letters to them. And now so many years later, my arms are full.
What a neat find you are. Can't wait to follow your journey.
Nancy-of the Crazy 8s.
PS-GOTTA ask... What's the name you've been thinking of???? I still have names rumbling around in my head after 6 littles already named. Figured out the PERFECT boy names this morning after 2 years of searching. Not that I have a little boy to put with it. But we are working on sn adoption #3, so maybe someday if God takes us there!

Daisy Dreams said...

Aren't names so much fun! I love learning about meanings of names...and have named all of mine based on meanings!

Once that seed is planted for adoption, the passion you'll feel is like no other. What a journey it will be...

Monica said...

What a fun baby shower! The two little ones are absolutely gorgeous! So neat to hear of your heart for adoption. I knew as a younger woman that I wanted to adopt someday, too. God made those dreams a reality.

The Raudenbush Family said... showers. So much fun.

You might be interested in reading since you have an interest in adopting in the future. Might be a good resource for you!
(clicked over from nihaoyall)

zentmrs said...

What a fun shower - I just love the cupcakes!

Stefanie said...

What a lovely shower... do they make baby clothes that tiny... oh my!!
It was lovely to hear that our blog has been an encouragement to you :) Can't wait to hear how your journey unfolds!!
Thanks for linking up!

Maggie said...

Ok so I guess I did not see your new blog... I have been patiently waiting for posts on the old one!

Anyway! I found you! and how sweet and wonderful are you. I was totally blessed by all of you and Annie's hard work! I am also in love with your book selection!

Now I'm connected to your new blog and look... I'm commenting! What could be next? updating my blog?!

Love you sister!