Monday, August 2, 2010

big picture

sometimes things go unnoticed until you take a step back and put the "big picture" into focus. once you can step away from all of the world and its constant buzz of activity and just take a look at the snapshots and moments in life you've captured. sometimes you'll realize that there were serendipitous moments left their for you that weren't meant to be discovered until you took a second glance. sometimes there are things we just cannot get until we've had a little more experience. a little more time to acknowledge the true importance of those little pauses in life that you felt compelled to stop and appreciate something you didn't even know was there.

sometimes, even still, we are taken by surprised and brought to a moment of complete transformation and revelation; even by something as simple as a hike, on a trail, on a random day, nothing particularly life changing...sometimes it can really make you stop and suddenly everything, everything and everyone really important comes sharply into focus.

Psalms 77:3 "I remember you, O God, and I groaned; I mused and my spirit grew faint. Selah"

Ni Hao Y'all


swimrunom said...

Lauren, you are such a great writer. You need to write a book.

Lauren said...

what should i write a book about? my musings?? i think it's all a little too stream of conscious but maybe! :) maybe i should make that a goal. I try and write this with the thought in mind that one day my children might like to look back on it and see what was going on in mommy's mind when she was young....that's why i don't really update unless i've got something really itching at me to put out there and why i always try to include a song. thank you carly, i cannot wait for us to meet/run together one day!

swimrunom said...

Hey girl, about FitBlog - I saw the tag for a while but only just started joining in last week. You can either register your blog or not, but basically it's every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (although I think last week it was at 10) - there is a different moderator every week, and they usually ask 3-5 questions. You don't have to blog or have a healthy living blog - plenty of people do, but there are also lots of people with no blogs or with different kinds of blogs. It's fun! I hope you join in next week!

I can't wait to run together EITHER, I'm so excited! I ran the Berry 5K last year, so am super excited about going back and running the HALF, that is crazy in my mind.