Monday, August 23, 2010

Chaotically Imperfect (even in the silence)

"Dear Chicago" - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Sometimes all I wish
is for my wondering mind,
in all it's crafting, perplexing artistry--
sometimes I just wish it'd be still.
and I wish for these antsy hands, with their fumbling, finicky fingers
to grab hold of each opposing and maybe just rest for awhile.
and these roaming eyes with their far and away glance,
and this bumbling mouth with its sputtering lips and spitfire tongue--
I wish they'd all just come to a consensus on an extended vacation, buy a one way ticket
to an island real far away. and maybe they could even share a cocktail
and a room with a sign claiming, "Do Not Disturb", rent it out on an extended stay.

Sometimes I just wish
for a little rest for an overdriven mind, maybe just a little soothing of these callused hands.
It'd be nice to spend a day with a pair of future-focused eyes,
and lips with just a little more mature assurity.

Sometimes I just wish for a moment to just be quietly,
a moment to breath and give thanks.

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