Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i enjoy

*I wrote this list two years ago in an online journal long since forgotten. It is amazing how I can read this list and each and every single thing on it still brings a huge smile to my face. I am a simple girl with simple joys in life. :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
current mood: blissful
i enjoy

late nights with myself.
the way that a soft tipped pen feels on a clean sheet of paper.
turning my paper sideways to write with my left hand.
phone calls with friends who are hours away.
the fact that they get it and it isn't hard to understand.
that there's a website where you can type in artists you enjoy and it will discover new ones for you.
the sound of my own voice in the shower.
when my eyes well up during worship.
how my dad is always genuinely happy to hear from me.
appreciation, given or received.
the way that tank tops conform to my body.
snuggling in to a warm bed in a cold room.
clean sheets.
a good book that keeps me up until 5 AM because i just, can't, put it down.
the fact that i give a damn good hug.
looking you in the eye and giving you a big smile.
coffee, in its many shapes, designs, formats, and occasions; always coffee.
text message conversations just because.
mango margaritas with maggie.
ice hockey spectating.
coffee shops, especially those that are open 24 hours a day.
the idea of myself, in a coffee shop, at 2 AM cramming for a test with fellow procrastinators.
catching up with an old friend.
that feeling after a good workout.
how much i really miss Rome.
long walks with my Mom.
screaming, talking, laughing at the top of my lungs.
how i always feel compelled to tell the absolute truth.
how i often feel crazy.
listening to two people have an entire conversation and feeling like i was an actual part of it without saying a single word.
facebook stalking.
photographing those moments in life that might have otherwise been forgotten.
making funny faces.
watching home movies of myself and having others be as entertained as i am by, well, myself.
the hope of what's to come.
waking up early.
the generosity of my friends.
discovering myself with him.
playing several hours of uno, and coming out even.
my new, careful obsession with sudoku.
mahjong, spider solitaire, catch phrase, & oceanopoly.
the thought of having children, me as a mother.
taking care of people.
giving back rubs.
the real end of a long arduous fight.
really having a grip on what i want to do next.
thinking about what i'm going to eat next.
slide tackling someone.
popping my ankle and knee.
going shopping, when i have the money and i'm really in the mood...I have to REALLY be in the mood.
love, always.
waking up the neighbors.
when I'm reading the Bible and it really starts to make sense.
my brother and sister.
having a place for everything and everything in its place, at least in my mind.
how you can sing at the top of your lungs at a concert and everyone else is just singing right along with you.
cooking, particularly of the chicken nature.
taking a day off from my routine to sleep.
how goofy i am when i wake up from a nap.
sitting on the couch with my roommate and watching tv.
the fact that i still want to learn to play guitar.
the fact that i know someone else who has just as many idiosyncrasies as i do.
that my best friend misses me just as much as i do him.
16 page long text messages.
that i never thought he existed, and maybe more that he actually does.
pilates, i think.
spaghetti, sushi, green tea, ice cream, quizno's, schroeders, black beans, peanut butter, fajitas & quesadillas.
violet, the color, and forest green too.
being on the outside of a terrible situation.
wearing my glasses and touching my eyeball because i can.
sweatpants and the fact that i just don't care.
hairholders - the best invention ever.
the thing that jason can do with his eyes.
the fact that i can call it a channel changer if i want to.
green apple slushies with real caramel in them - on a hot day of course.
the fact that i can go anywhere in rome and know at least 3-5 people.
how much better it feels after writing it all out.
hair clips and hot rolling my hair.
my cell phone.
receiving flowers on special occasions.
when i actually do something i said i was going to do.
my handy dandy planner.
flossing my teeth while i'm driving.
listening to my ipod while i'm driving.
chewing on ice.
when it's okay to be outspoken.
remembering hannah, joy, & my granddaddy.
singing a duet with my roommate, rachel, jason, page, and whoever else wants to chime in.
my penguin calendar. hazelnut cream candles. incense.
Isabella and how she remembers my name and always runs to give me a hug.
having a good idea and attempting a surprise.
Thanksgiving at my grandmother's.

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