Tuesday, January 12, 2010

honey lately

I've been really into reading blogs, specifically two (or three) types.
1) Blogs on incredible faithfilled, inspiring families
2) Fitness/nutrition blogs (also inspiring)
3) As always, those I know and love

Typically, I go in and out of my interest with blogs but lately, specifically since I have gotten married and attempted to uncover new, married interests (especially cooking, children, faith, & fitness), I have been devouring others words as if it were going out of style. I am enamoured with the joys of others lives and the unique ways each person has of expressing said excitement. I have been struggling with motivating myself. Really struggling. I have been extremely tired as of late.
The "first year" of marriage thus far has been nothing short of lovely for The Fish Guy & I. We've had our little bumps (which mostly include me realizing I am not so much a pet lover & me also realizing I have a very hard time sleeping with someone else in a full-sized bed) but we have had a multitude of lovely discoveries (my love of cooking, his love of cleaning ;), our love of each other :) :)
Life is very full but at the same time very much in the "waiting period"...I am ready for something big to happen. I know this is nothing you can wait for and so I search for inspiration in all sorts of places (the Bible, music, blogs, etc.). The word of the moment is "CHANGE" and I have never been one to take it very well, at all. Thank the Lord for giving me such a strong and diligent encourager to walk with through it all.

I'm off to run (no seriously) & determine the next plan of attack.
always love,

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