Sunday, March 4, 2012

a truth i'd like to remember, written by a friend.

A person's loss of faith isn't an assertion to be taken lightly, and certainly not one that is express without a lot of introspection; a dismissive response only mitigates the gravity of the situation. Most important is to come to an understanding of the person's mindset and their view of the situation, and then help them as best we can to come closer to their own conclusions, without forcing them one way or the other, but also without compromising on the truth. Only God can save someone, and so my effort should not be to rescue them so much as it should be to stay with them through the darkness, watch the daybreak with them, and let God do what He will throughout. In these situations, the faithful are called not to force the person out of the sea and into the vessel, but tread the water with them until they start swimming on their own, in whatever direction, and where ever they end up, remain a loyal friend and a faithful witness to the love of Christ, however they receive it. We need not feel responsible for another's salvation, only for our steadfast witness to the Gospel.

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