Tuesday, March 27, 2012

before we turn...

when things are as hard as hard can get
and life is filled with paths that seem directionless
and people are disappointing and dreams so far away
i often sit and daydream of the turns i could've made.
i wonder what it'd be like to step upon the stage
with a microphone and breath
filled with the words i need to say.
how surely i would sing it
as each note it certainly played.
i know my heart would be completely
fullfilled with each new day.
or if i spent them all
behind a counter grinding beans
tamping, twisting, pulling
designing delights with every stream.
i'd been entirely content
to serve your daily fix of 'ffeine.
and spend the evenings dreaming flavors
scent of coffee all around.
or if i just decided to embark upon the thing
that guides my steps and builds me up
assured sanity.
if i chose instead to decipher, how 1 & 1 make 3...
and despite all this i'm fighting
both external and within
to be what I know is meant for me
and will be in the end.
so regardless of the hardships
and the rage.
i'll keep on seeking truth and know
these healing hands will stay.

"Turn to Stone" - Ingrid Michaelson

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