Monday, February 27, 2012

Obituary (assignment written in class today)

Lauren Taylor Shank Born April 18, 1987 – February 27, 2012
Lauren was born and raised in Rome, Georgia the first child of Dave and Susan Dickson. Her daddy raised her on great music and good food from the grill. He loved her giddy personality and cultivated an arduous and honest spirit in her little soul. Her Moma was also her best friend. Igniting the spit-fire, unabashing zest for life that was the very foundation for who she was and for what she is most clearly remembered. She is survived by her two siblings, Page & David for whom she was both fiercely loyal and joyfully proud. Lauren, most affectionately known to her hometown as “LD” was a local soccer star and vocal aficionado in her youth group at TUMC. LD’s spirit was truly personified on the soccer field as a “dominator”, “the wall”, and more clearly “the stopper” she worked to her very last breath defending her fellow teammates and the goal, a direct testament to how she lived every day of her life. Church members remember her best of the young woman who would return home from college and “fill the little chapel with her beautiful melodies and outrageous laughter.”
Lauren had recently become the wife of Jason Shank, whom she met rather humorously in the heat of the summer of 2007 wearing a mere chef’s coat and her trademark extra-large grin. Jason & Lauren were rather opposite and yet he completely complimented, accentuated, and made up all that was the very best of who she was. He was the other portion of her puzzled present and the missing face in all of her futures. He was to be the father of her future 6 children and the master of all of her “insanities”.

Lauren was truly, fully, and completely loved. And loved even more so in return.

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