Thursday, December 8, 2011

the given.

and then life
in it's unexpected everpresent twist
turns and speaks
unwielding, straight into your space.
as if in some feeble attempt
offering himself completely
to you.
in a dead sprint, lungs burning
from the tears and the cool, crisp wind.
from the smoke billowing
out of her deep dark, limitless skies.
mountain peaks whisper to little hands clasped
in wonder, and inevitable wander speak
lengthy shadows both make.
to think life
with its twin hearts, scattered about like dandelion seeds
blown by the breaths of too many to name
tamely & twisted.
thunderous applause from the gawkers, the lookers, the seekers
the sook.
oh life

with his and her feet rooted
as the sun.
and the stars.
in every single knight's sky.
as she stared
as she waited
as she lived
the good
and life how it gave
completely given.

"Nemesis" - David Gray

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