Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: The Call

I do believe that although I don't update this as often as I'd like, and it's nearly 3 AM, and I have class at 10 AM on this very same day, I am still young(ish) and therefore must take advantage of my ability to function on very little sleep while I still can...(good excuse? :))
After reading so many of the Sunday Snapshots for nearly a year I finally felt compelled to include my own. I was, and am continued to be inspired by Stephanie's incredible faith and expression of Christ's calling in her life. It is through this and many other very specific venues in my life that I have come to understand for what purpose I was created. A purpose my love and I (Lord willing) will someday fulfill.
This one toddled into my life somewhere around 3 years ago and awakened in me an instinct I never knew existed.

I was never the one who eagerly awaited my turn to hold the babies, I never jumped at the chances to babysit the neighborhood kids...but when this little one came into my life, it was God's way of placing that little inkling of something in my heart. And by a little inkling I mean an immediate, insurmountable bond between this little one and the potential He has for me.
She is the reason I know I was born to become a mother.

And this little one. The first newborn I've ever held.

She is the assurance that I am strong enough to do what we have been sent here to. What I as a woman am blessed to do.

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Stefanie said...

Beautiful! What adorable kiddos :)
I love to hear how God puts not only the desire in our hearts, but gives us the ability to achieve all He has for us!
It was great to visit your blog this week, so glad you decided to join in!!