Monday, July 5, 2010

home, sweet home.

We moved into our humble abode on the same day I began the Doctoral Physical Therapy big deal right? (Pssssssh....) So thankful to my daddy for moving ALL of our stuff with Jason in a single trip. So thankful to Jason's parents for coming to stay with us on our first night in the new home, and extra thankful for them staying to help begin the unpacking process. Thankful to my Moma for basically sterilizing and and organizing both my sanity and the house as a whole, not once but twice this month. And most importantly to Jason for allowing me to sit still amongst the mess and absorb the copious amount of anatomical information I am expected to learn in a 10 week span of time. I am thankful for little reminders of how he should never be taken for granted:

And especially thankful for good friends who came to share in my first official attempts at hospitality. Thankful for sharing in good food, good wine, homemade apple pie, and a night filled with music and good conversation.

This morning in class I was reminded by my incredible professor of what Independence Day is really all about. His sincerity was revealing of how God puts people in your life for times such as this. When you are reminded to be overwhelmed with thanks to those who gave their lives so that we could walk with our heads held proud. I am especially grateful for the undertones of faith as he spoke of our Freedom...

"It is for freedom He set us free."
"For Freedom" - Jimmy Needham

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