Sunday, July 4, 2010


"Recycled Air" - Postal Service

There are some songs that regardless of where you are, who you are with, and what mood you are in they have the ability to take you right back to driving through your hometown as the sun was just beginning to set. Where everywhere you turned there was someone you knew. Where everyone lined up there lawn chairs on the levee to watch the fireworks on Independence Day. Where you drove with the only intention of seeing and being seen, where everyone is always on the look out for you and you are always on the look out for everyone else.
When you were totally unaware of how soon everything and everyone in your life were about to take the most violent shift out and soon after, everything and everyone that would ever mean anything from then on in your life would shape shift in.
Almost as if you had been living a rather tumorous life without even knowing it and suddenly it ruptured. Underwent emergency transplant. And forever you were broken and reminded of just how fragile this life is and how blessed you are to still be a part it. Rubbing the scar as a reminder of what once was, and these songs cause it to burn as if it were casually reminding you of every single event leading up to this.
And it's overwhelming, the reminder, that those who once consumed your life, your youth, are those you may never see again. Like that tumor you'd grown accustomed to, gone forever. Life is like that, and music is the vehicle that drives my every memory.

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