Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I created two lovely homemade eats:

1) White Chocolate Cranberry Almond Biscotti


2) Curry Chicken

The Curry Chicken is JAM PACKED with delicious, nutritious goodness. If anyone is interested in the recipe I will share. It was partially made up and partially taken from one of the many lovely recipe books we received from our wedding day. I am counting the minutes waiting patiently until the Fish Guy gets home to try one of the biscotti out.

As far as the half marathon training goes...well, it's going. I have never felt so worn out while exercising...I am trying to determine if it is doing it all by myself OR if it is something physically going on (some imbalance of some sort). I think I'll start taking a multivitamin (I know dad, finally!) and see if that helps. I might also try to get some more sleep (SIGH) and maybe....maybe try and work out earlier in the morning. All things I do not enjoy doing but might be necessary. I HAVE enjoyed putting together my at home strength training workouts which were a combo of this awesome blogger and my own errant mind. I think as I progress I will add some of them on to here. I also do believe that as my life picks up (i.e. when I get back into the full swing of school) I will be updating this more and more.
There is so much going on of late (getting in to school, expecting our first necephew from Jason's younger sister, and moving into our first rented house, PLUS the hope of getting involved in our new church) I feel like God is blessing me with this DOWN time because pretty soon there will be um....none.

Wow this was pretty cathartic, maybe there is hope for me and this lil' ole blogger :)

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Maggie said...

Send the Recipe! looks like you had fun cooking! :) come to NC and we can cook something amazing!