Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some while ago I came upon this realization rather suddenly, albeit seemingly a no brainer, that we have the capacity to love an infinite number of individuals. I have become convinced of this more and more the older I get. I am surprised at how my experience with living love increases the depth of my ability to feel it. I have experienced the unconditional love of my parents. The gripping, obsessive love of a teenage heart. The ebb and flow of predetermined sibling love. The daily choice to love in my marriage. The love that fills your heart when you share a laugh. The soul soaring love we as adults are able to feel for the innocence of a child. The love that's felt churning down deep for whats yet to come. The guttural love that can be kept silent, the kind that makes you sing.
It isn't so much the moments when this love is felt, rather, how a simple memory can bring back that exact feeling when the moment is long gone. When the person is long gone. I am mesmerized, at the moment, by how our soul can so easily recapture those feelings. I am captivated at how love's trust can be broken and how the joy of forgiveness is learned. Immersed in the reality that our love is limitless, that this is the greatest gift we have been given. The He is the perfect example of what we, as imperfect people, are capable of being. We are capable of unconditional love, we will feel unconditional love. We have sinned, we have been broken, we have lost & often found--but we can forgive because we are forgiven; and we can always, always love.

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