Sunday, April 25, 2010

baby sasen

This weekend Jason's parents shared the most lovely of discoveries with us childrens. They somehow unearthed a cassette tape of little Jason (2 years old) singing "Happy Birthday" to himself. Followed by the most adorable rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" a full heart has ever heard. My sweet love had the worst time when he was little with his tonsils so he had THE stuffiest, most pitiful little man voice ever. If it's possible, I fell deeper in love with him as we sat on that couch listening to my husband's joyfully free little spirit. An extra cool was exactly one week after I was born. Hearing my now husband's 2 year old voice made me realize how incredibly intriguing life is. There he was about to move to Trinidad with his little family and I was just six days old. And now here we are, married, and making a life of our own where one day our sweet little ones will sing to themselves and somewhere out there another little one will be taking his/her first breath. And that might just be the little one who one day creates our grandchildren.

The power of a little voice and a song sure is a powerful thing :)

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Julie said...

What a beautiful thought!! Those tapes are just priceless. My mom use to record us when we were little and it is just so fun to listen to now! Treasure it!