Thursday, March 3, 2011

on any given day

When nothing else makes sense, when your heads full of all sorts of random crazy mess of life, when you think you might, just might, explode....The only cure for that which might otherwise overwhelm is to spend a weekend of quality time with your most amazing nephew.

And take a slew of self portraits with his sweet little face looking at his Aunt like she is half past crazy (because she is) :)

 And then show off a little bit with the most precious perplexed face in the world.
 And smile big because your mommy's got you. :)
And smile some more because Uncle Sasen looks funny ;)
 And then give me that big ol' blue-eyed grin as you hold your head up all on your own, totally showing off (and I'm totally okay with that!)
 And then spend a good many moments just you and your aunt, laughing your little heads off at the simplest little game. Making my heart swell to the point that I swear it just might burst.

And then, yes a few more close ups and plenty of sweet snuggles before it was back to another week of insanity, cushioned only by the promise of another weekend, in the very near future, of very much of the exact same thing.


Fishwise said...

The weekend was too short, but long enough to recharged by the new young life.

Maggie said...

love love love :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE this so much!