Saturday, January 10, 2009


I purchased my wedding dress today. I made an appointment at the Crystal Crane (now across from the Mall of Georgia) and my mom, sister, and I were all there to share in the experience! My mom and I got there a little before 10:30, I had already gone through all of the designers collections they carry and picked out the dresses I liked the most. This gave them an idea of what I liked and the lady who was helping us (Laura) steered me towards a few that fit my taste. The place is actually pretty small so we ended up going through all of the dresses and picking out the ones that I like or thought would at least be fun to try on. Both my mom and Laura really wanted me to try on this one dress but I was not too crazy about the beads on it. After trying on several and really liking a pretty expensive one they finally convinced me to try on the one they both liked. When I put it on they both loved it :). At first I really loved the flow of the skirt but was not crazy about the beads still. However, the owner of the store came over and began to tell me how we could order it without the beads and even have it made in a different type of fabric. Around this time my sister showed up and I showed her the two I liked the most. She, like me, liked the more expensive one better. The two dresses were both completely different and thus spoke of two completely different feels, the more expensive one had a more mature, elegance to it whereas the other had a more youthful, Cinderella-type feel. The longer I was in the later though, and the more I was able to imagine the little changes they would make to it...the happier and more excited I became. I think what did me in was when I tried on the veil I was absolutely in love with. The veil and dress and my mom and the owner and my sister in a trial bridesmaid dress pretty much did it in for me! (Not to mention that it was over a thousand dollars less than the other one!) I LOVED that they were able to accommodate my wishes so easily AND that I can still make alterations to it once it is actually here. :) :) :) SO there you have it! OH and while I was trying on this dress, THE DRESS, I looked out the window and happened to see Chad (Jason's brother-in-law) walking right by!! He looked in the window and did a triple take!! 8) Hopefully that's a good sign! Oh and he was on his way to Jason's!!! CLOSE ONE!!! I don't even know how I'm going to keep all of this from Jason. It makes it feel so much more real, just knowing exactly what I'm going to be wearing I can really picture it now! I know that most brides say that they try on THE dress and they just know. However, for me it was so much better because I was able to piece together the whole picture and then it REALLY was just the the one for me. :) I loved how I gradually became more and more excited with each added element. (and it really helped having several women tell me how gorgeous it was) Now the really cool thing about it all is that Crystal Crane is the same place Maggie got her dress :) It used to be located in downtown Lawerenceville AND in that very same building downtown (before it was Crystal Crane) is where Annie got HER dress! All three of us will've used the same seamstress, and that just means the world to me!
All in all, it was a fantastic, memorable, Joyfully blessed day!
(We DID take pictures however I am most definitely NOT going to post them ;))


Maggie said...

Yeah! I'm still waiting for pictures! I'm so excited for you!

Betty Anne said...

The dress may be beautiful, but I am certain, it is just a dress without you in it! YOU add the beauty, Lauren! Congratulations!

sunset-hibiscus said...

this is your favorite ex roommate. email me pics!!!