Saturday, February 24, 2007

saying it

i've know, for awhile now i guess
that there would come a time when i would finally realize
and accept that i have to let you go.

today, talking to you, i got it
i tried to push it away, like i did and have done for so long
but you are not of me, forever, the way i want you to be
i could hang, dangle, waste on for what?
for that hope that one day your grasps at my holding hand
and the lips you press carelessly against my cheek, neck, temple
each a separate instance would ever be, anything more than a movement of acknowledgment to remind yourself i'm still some kind of part of you
a part you'll never fulfill because you can live without the what ifs

you can live and so can i
but tonight, talking to you
i let you go. i'm letting you go.

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