Wednesday, August 24, 2011


God has given you the air,

so fly.
On freedom
and the proverbial journey of us taking flight
so easy it seems to get a little sidetracked, a little forgetful, just a little bit sinful every now and then.
Until suddenly something, as simple even as a missed breath or a flutter of the heart--how it displaces rather swiftly the very ease with which we piddle through our days.
How we realize just how fragile and final we all really are, without, it.
On freedom
and the choice we have to pick up our broken wings
and whether or when we choose to sing-if ever we even so much as dare to open our mouths
rather silently we idle....always moving and still forever standing, still.
I cannot explain for the life of me what it is I wish to say-- exactly, other than this constant nagging in your heart to be more, see more, do more, live more, want more. The want inside to do and be and see and live and love and give completely of yourself daily. Ever single inch of it. Is something so much more than a simple cell can explain.

don't let anyone don't let anything hold you back.