Thursday, March 27, 2008


When I think back on high school, on the friends I had and such it doesn’t so much feel like moments I remember in my past but more like a portion of life, a time period I could easily return to. Which is obviously not the case but it doesn’t feel lost, doesn’t feel forgotten; just feels like vital moments that were once My Life. Moments that are just caught in the back of my mind. Moments I could return to at any...well moment in present time and live again. Not so much the case really. High school is over. Individuals who I once knew as the closest people to myself, often closer than my family even, are now just voices on the line from time. What do you say when you’ve got nothing to really SAY to them? What peace can you bring to lives of those who you do not really know so much anymore? And what for the ones who you know, who you’ve loved, who you trust and rely on. What for those who have to be let go, for one reason or another aside from time?
How do you alter the status of a relationship minus...
1) guilt
2) sadness
3) anxiety
4) fear
5) regret
You pray to God for the words to say, thoughts to inspire, peace to transcend all complication, vision of the BIGGER picture, and the silence of understanding.
Please understand--I haven’t forgotten. I love you very very much and miss you also; there are just things in life that demand a sort of, respect. Not you fault, not mine just lives deciding factors.
But when you’ve been given such a gift of love.
How do distribution and discretion coincide appropriately.

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