Friday, March 5, 2010

What does it take?

To be accepted.
To understand, better yet to be understood.
To know what you want and to go after it.
What does it take to do something "with all your heart."
To never look back. To never wonder, "what if?"
To be content.
To find peace.
To find the silver lining in each and every,
to love you just the way you are.
To know you have a choice and to choose it well.
To run until your legs are on fire.
To love as if you'd never known the pain of rejection.
To be rejected.
To call out and never hear a word and still believe.
What does it take to have faith in the midst of failure.
To keep on keepin' on when the wait is to unbearable.
To sing without fear. To dance without shame.
To write down the words you're too afraid to say.
To strive. To strife. To toil and tear.
To fight for what you believe. To fight for the life of another.
To fight for the freedom of a country you've never before met.
To fight for gold. To fight for your own life against an inevitable death.
To fight for joy, daily. To take every thought captive.
To captivate and dream.
What does it take to just be you and allow me to just be me?

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Jenny said...

Inner peace would allow for everyone to be themselves. It seems impossible sometimes to live in a world where we don't tear each other to shreds. Maybe one day it'll happen.