Monday, December 29, 2008

Neverending holiday season!

I love it here :) In Rome that is. I love it to be surrounded by my families and have a routine and the ability to breath! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my classes, classmates, and clinicals at school (lameness I know) but I have completed by "college years" chapter of my life, or atleast my Milledgeville chapter that is and would very much like to be finished. Well, actually, let me rephrase that, I will thoroughly enjoy my final semester there to its fullest but am very much looking forward to what is to come afterwards. I am stilll waiting to hear from GA State as to whether or not I will be interviewed for their physical therapy program or not AND will have to start looking for job opportunities at the start of this year just in case. This summer and my living situation for the space between Jason and I's wedding is still up in the air but that will all be figured out in good time and God's will. Breath deep. :)
Okay so, I came here to share with you photos from my Christmas celebrations with both of my families :) I received a definite upgrade of camerage from my parents and for that I am eternally grateful and these are the results.

The extremely large moma spider that Jason found in the pool filter (with all of her babies too....yuck) that's as close as I could get without getting severely creeped out.
I had a photo shoot with Maggie's Apple Pie (these were the FIRST PICTURES with my new camera :))
My Love & I
My Close Up
My Future Mom-in-law's adorable close up!
Just a few of my favorites from Daniel's first Christmas in America. What a blessing. :)

My mom, sister, & I - no explanation necessary I hope.
Maggie's New CAMERA!!!!!!
Charlie letting my try out the different features on my camera (this one is for taking pictures of babies so I had him make his best baby/happy face)
My Ring :) :) :)
Sister and Mother-in-law seasoning the fantastic turkey!
Jason & Isabella in a tickle fit.

happy, happy, happy.
the super comfy blankets jason & i gave Annie for her couches :)
a TRIPOD! (just in case a tree branch is not available ;))
my favorite - he is very surprised that I got him the awesome mouse he wanted :)
the monogrammed cologne from me also
haha Maggie is clearly enjoying Charlie's explanation of how he drives and plays a driving game on his iPod touch at the same time!!!
happy warm hands!!
Maggie's AMAZING present for our home next year :)
Jason's dad after he ruined my wedding clock countdown present before I opened it...hehe
It counts down every last second!!!
The Wolfe's playing play-do together :)
Isabella and Uncle Charlie enjoying his new speakers
The sisters reviewing photos :)Jason & I making late night truffles.

I know these pictures do not do all the fun we had complete justice but I am so thankful we have them and will always remember our last Christmas before we are married!!!

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Maggie said...

So we totally could have done without that creepy spider...

but what fun and good pictures!